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Are you tired of the hectic city life? The same old daily routines, the ever increasing traffic, the every day rush, the heat, the pollution and smog filled air, the tiring competition with your own self.

Then it is time to refresh yourself. We welcome you to Lohalla, come and experience the company of the wilderness. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and unwind yourself. Experience the vicinity of an Himalayan pine forest and relax in an apple orchard, observe the simple life of a mountain village and its people. Look down at the clouds rising up from the valley as you rediscover yourself. Watch the sun setting in the mountain peaks and let the cold mountain air rejuvenate you. Allow the chirping of the birds to wake you up in the mornings and stroll in the forest trails to wake up your mind and soul. Come and experience the beauty of simplicity & mother nature, come experience the serenity of the wild.

Located at an height of approximately 7000 ft. in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Lohalla is 72 k.m. beyond Shimla. Lohalla is the old name of the  village that used to exist there and was abandoned a few centuries back. The remnants of the village can be seen in the apple orchard and the adjoining forest. Locals still dig out old pottery and some search for hidden treasures.

Being a leopard country one can also sight the big cat if lucky and some other wild life like the porcupine, wild rabbits and exotic birds dwell in the area.



Author: Lohalla

Lohalla Camps & Stay is located at an Himalayan Village in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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